Paint the Hydrostone 2021-Registration Open

Paint the Hydrostone 2021-Registration Open

The 5th Annual Paint the Hydrostone event will take place Saturday, September 18th and Sunday, September 19th.  This Plein Air painting event is organized by 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery and will be in support of Brigadoon Village, our friendly Hydrostone neighbour. Last year we had to adjust a bit because of crowd control and limited the event to invited artists spread over an entire month. But this year we are ready to welcome all artists to apply!  


Paint the Hydrostone sees artists fan out around the Hydrostone neighbourhood painting the people and places of our amazing community.  Work created over the two days will be for sale at 14 Bells throughout the weekend.


All artists are welcome to register via the form below.  The registration fee is $30 and will be donated to Brigadoon.

Saturday, September 18th:           10 am to 5:00 pm (sign in begins 8:30 am at the gallery)

Sunday, September 19th:              12 pm to 4:00 pm

 Event Guidelines

Registration Deadline: September 1st, 2021. Registrations will be acknowledged by email or telephone.


Fee: $30.00

Includes 2 days of plein air painting, Hydrostone Market welcome package, the right to sell created works at the gallery on Saturday and Sunday.  Coffee and morning snacks and Saturday lunch buffet will be provided. 100% of registration fee goes to Brigadoon Village.


Event Location: Registration, Sales and Headquarters will be at the gallery, 5523B Young St.


On Site Artist Registration: On site artist registration begins at 8:30 am Saturday at the gallery. Artists are required to register on the first day and check in on Sunday. At this time the artist will list sizes and prices of work/works intended to be completed that day. They will also indicate where they intend to set up.


Parking: Street parking.  Residential streets in the vicinity have untimed parking.  Contact the gallery if you require an unloading zone closer to your chosen site.


Where you can paint: You are free to go just about anywhere in the area. Previous years had artists focused in the market boulevard but we would love to see some paintings of the houses and Fort Needham Park.  The boulevards and park are public spaces.


Painting and Drawing On Site: This is an opportunity for the public to observe artists at work and to have a chance to buy work they have seen completed by the artist. Artists are encouraged to produce a minimum of 1 piece per day. Paintings completed during the event will be picked up by a volunteer when completed and displayed for sale at the gallery.


Sales:  All art created and sold during the event will be subject to the following:

The artist retains 50% of the selling price. 10% of all sales will go to Brigadoon Village.  40% will go to 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery. Artists will be given the opportunity at registration to donate a larger portion of proceeds but must commit to the above-mentioned split. Artists will be paid via cheque or email transfer by September 30th.   

The artist establishes one sale price for their wet paintings. As artists complete their paintings, a volunteer will pick them up and take them to the gallery for display and sale. All paintings should be ready to hang. Pricing set by the artist/gallery is firm.

All unsold work is to be removed at the end of the day Sunday.


  • At all times while participating in the festival you are responsible for yourself, your equipment and to ensuring you do not present a hazard to the public.
    • Before setting up, please take time to assess the potential hazards that your location may present.
    • Please ensure that you carry and site your equipment in a safe manner for yourself and others, do not block footpaths or exits; leave room for others to pass without stepping onto the road.
    • Artists must keep the environment clean and bring all their waste away with them. Never litter.
    • The organisers and sponsors bear no responsibility for loss or injury to persons or property arising from their participation in Paint the Hydrostone 2021.

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  • Aug 18, 2021

    I’d love to take part again this fall if possible. Thanks for having this event Cheryl.

    — Rhonda Barrett

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