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Located in Halifax's unique Hydrostone Market, 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery showcases working, contemporary Canadian artists. Halifax is located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and traditional lands of the Mi’kmaq people. 

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The most notable monument to the Halifax Explosion is the Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower sited in Fort Needham Park. This is the site of the Halifax Explosion Memorial service held annually on December 6th to commemorate the disaster. The bell tower houses fourteen bells that sound out over a vibrant, thriving diverse neighbourhood. 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery is proud to acknowledge the spirit of the city that supports them; a city that quite literally has risen from the ashes, and over the past one hundred years has become one of the best places to live in Canada.

Our Gallery

14 Bells Fine Art Gallery is in the historic Hydrostone Market, 5523 Young St, steps away from Fort Needham Park. The gallery supports contemporary Canadian artists. We will bring you pieces that are high quality, smart and engaging. Most of the gallery artists are from Nova Scotia with a sprinkling of painters from other parts of Canada. The subject matter, size and style of the work varies greatly on the bright walls of the 1400 squarefoot space.  The work is high quality but priced reasonably, with an average price of $600.hydrostone-market

The gallery is owned by North End Halifax resident Cheryl Bell.  She and her husband, Ian Thompson are settled happily in the Hydrostone neighbourhood, nestled nicely in Halifax between their respective families in Ontario and Newfoundland.

cheryl-ian-photoCheryl has 20 years of high end retail experience.  She started her career with the McCaffery/Pelham family in Banff, Alberta at Canada House Gallery.  There she learned to love the quality and diversity of Canadian art.  She was lucky to work with gallery director Barbara Pelham for many years as the gallery expanded and gained an international reputation for quality and service.  The focus on customer service and professionalism instilled in those early years has served Cheryl well in subsequent careers.

After moving to Nova Scotia in 2006, Cheryl worked selling furniture and then cars until finally taking the leap in 2017 to open 14 Bells.  She has traveled extensively and visited countless galleries around the world.  She felt that given the abundance of artists and the cultural tone of Halifax, there was a dearth of gallery space in the city.  14 Bells aims to be a professional gallery space, bringing Canadian art to residents and visitors alike.

interior view 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery


 Join us in our mandate of supporting working Canadian artists.

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