21 Things to Do in Halifax, Nova Scotia ( #13? Visit the Hydrostone!)

21 Things to Do in Halifax, Nova Scotia ( #13? Visit the Hydrostone!)

Last year, the popular travel blog travellemming.com named Nova Scotia a top emerging travel destination for 2020. Since then, a global pandemic has kind of squashed the enthusiasm (and ability) of many to travel. If you, like me, are lucky enough to live here, you already know that the Atlantic bubble has plenty to offer.  Ian and I have booked a few "staycations" in the region and plan on exploring more this fall.  (Shout out to The Kitch'inn, Mahone Bay, and  Larinda's Landing, St. Margaret's Bay for the top notch hospitality)

To complement the emerging destination designation, local travel writer Helen Earley, compiled a list of Things to do in Halifax and 14 Bells made the cut! 

"Local tip: There is a free art gallery in the Hydrostone District, hidden in plain sight! 14 Bells Fine Art Gallery has a beautiful collection of affordable paintings by local artists."


You can see the entire list here; 21 Things to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Going through the list, one thing that stood out was the photos. The photo of Argyle street by Acorn Art & Photography is similar to a current painting in the gallery by Zehava Power.  I guess there is something about those patios that attracts an artist's eye!


argyle & blowers street, Halifax, Nova Scotia by Zehava Power

There are still a few things I need to check off my Halifax list, like paddling the harbour, lobster at The Shore Club and ice cream in the Halifax Public Gardens.  The summer of 2020 is going to be the summer of exploring Halifax for me and when borders eventually (and inevitably) open, I'll be ready to welcome the world to our world-class city.

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