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  • Yan Laboissonniere

  • Originally from Quebec City, I have worked with many companies and craftspeople in various fields of commercial and cultural exhibitions. I have worked on thematic, scenic, theatrical and television sets as illustrator, designer, technical designer and workshop carpenter. Since 2001, I have been teaching at the college level in a field of design and applied arts. For several years, I felt the desire to bring my work of illustration "commercial" towards a more artistic and creative momentum. From 2008 onward, I have extended my art towards spontaneity which I find more accessible to all. My overall artistic work is both technical and creative. I study its composition by outlining the main lines. I structure the subject of my art by using mortar. Then, the application of gouache and varnish allows reaching a depth of colorations in nuance. My semi-abstract panoramic landscapes are based on themes leaving room for interpretation and imagination of the observer so that they can appropriate the work in relation to their experience and memories.