Tabatha Cass

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  • Tabatha Cass, Nova Scotia.

  • Tabatha has been drawing and painting for as long as she could be trusted not to drink paint water. Born in Portland Oregon, her formative years were spent between the mountainous greens of the Cascades and the more arid climes of California. She grew up in a family that supported her creative endeavours from a very early age, where the policy of never leaving the house without a sketchbook was strictly adhered to. She is currently living in Nova Scotia, working towards finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at NSCAD University with a focus in painting and printmaking. 

    Tabatha is mesmerized by the rich colours and tactility of oil paint––having discovered the medium at the tender age of thirteen––and has been enamoured ever since. She is always frustrated and delighted in equal measure by whatever puzzles are posed by each consecutive work.

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