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  • Sanna Rahola, Nova Scotia.

  • Sanna was born in Finland, and as a young child quickly became familiar with the vernacular of weaving in her home country. Sanna was already an accomplished weaver by the time she came to Halifax, Nova Scotia in the mid 1990’s. It was there she met Douglas Drdul, a gifted stringed instrument maker, beginning a partnership that has led to an extraordinary collaboration of uniquely inspired pieces combining their individual mastery of medium into a singular artistic vision. After studying the virtuosity and subtlety of wool felting, Sanna developed a unique ability to ‘paint’ with fibre. At first glance it seems her images must have been rendered in pastel or paint, reflecting her astonishing abilities as a textile artist. After interpreting the carved wood elements Douglas has created for the piece, the process of creating her ‘felted canvas’ begins. Vividly colored and subtly rendered felt images are complimented by exquisitely carved panels from Black Walnut, Birch and Limewood. In a unique relationship between two artists and two media, a single story is told.

    The felted and wood elements come together in a cohesive image that defy the limitations of fibre and wood, creating canvases that exude the nuance of sunlight through mist and the primeval power of the land. Sanna has extensive teaching experience both in Canada and abroad, including: Artist in Residence Program, Central Finland Institute of Arts, Petajavesi, Finland. Sculptural Felt Making Workshop, Hants Shore Community Health Centre, Nova Scotia, Canada. Felt Making Course, Kasi Ja Taideteollisuusoppilaitos, Seinajoki, Finland.

    Sanna and Douglas live in Walton, Nova Scotia, Canada with their son Olki.


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