Melanie Currie-Unsworth

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  • Melanie Currie Unsworth, Nova Scotia.

  • Melanie Currie Unsworth is a self-taught Canadian artist. Living on the island of Cape Breton, she draws her inspiration from the rugged landscape and ever-changing seasons. Melanie has had a long-standing involvement with the arts over her lifetime. Many of the skills she acquired from her work as a chef and wedding cake designer translate into practice with creating painted work. What truly captivates Melanie are the abstract qualities found in nature. She is fascinated by the varied lines, shapes, shadows, and colours which exist around us. Melanie uses a combination of palette knives and brushes to fabricate the depth, tone, and colour of the subjects. While staying true to portrayal of realistic elements (i.e. form of trees), she prefers to incorporate hues and tones from the environment at large. An example of this would be reflecting colours of the evening sky in the branches and leaves of the trees portrayed. The intention of this is to infuse realistic elements with abstract overtones. She also employs metallic paints and pouring medium to create an effect similar to stained glass.

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