Mary Doane

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  • Mary Doane, Nova Scotia.

  • Originally from Nova Scotia, Mary lived in Quebec City for 37 years before moving back home in 2015. It was during her training in interior decoration that she first used watercolour as a medium to render perspective drawings.

    Mary is inspired by everyday items. She explains, “I do tend to collect lots of odds and ends and the tables in our home are inhabited by all manner of knick-knacks. I suppose some would call it clutter but I have the excuse of calling it inspiration! These things tell stories – on their own, but also when grouped with other objects.”

    “I am drawn to the representation of detailed subjects, often in a close-up view. I enjoy drawing the spectator’s eye to details that would otherwise go unnoticed and bring him or her to discover the beauty that is to be found in the textures and forms of the everyday objects around us.”

    Mary is a signature member of the Quebec-based Institut des Arts Figuratifs (IAF) and of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor (CSPWP).

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