Kelly Mitchelmore

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  • Kelly Mitchelmore, Nova Scotia

  • Native to Nova Scotia, Kelly is a fan of “support local”, believing that your community is only as good as you make it. She uses her art to promote and support her local area as much as possible and is involved with everything from mentorship programs and bursaries, to operating "A Is For Art" (a free and supportive platform for local artists). Whether painting or teaching, or showing, Kelly enjoys a holistic approach to art and encourages all art on all levels. Kelly’s home studio and gallery are in an old and romantic Victorian home located in the lovely town of Windsor. She paints standing and moves quickly to loud music, which has resulted in a quick dance break here and there.  Kelly paints in both acrylic and oil and mostly creates nature and scenic pieces using some brush but mostly painting knives and trowels. She prefers to paint on large stretched canvases or wooden panels using a heavy pallet of deep and intense colours and applying with layered technique. Not a fan of being confined or limited by structure, the shape and composition often form as she paints. This allows more freedom and a bond is formed between the artist and the work as they both go through the creation together. She is especially known for her moody coastal scenes and her love of red with her poppy series.

    Kelly has a Bachelor of Interior Design which has aided her with colour theory and perspective when creating her pieces. She also served over 14 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, and she contributes her time in the Navy as her inspiration and love for painting water and poppies.

    Her newest series is “Nova Scotia Strong, Isolation” series, a contemporary portrayal of Nova Scotia’s beautiful coast. A combination of knife and brush, each acrylic painting is created through a series of layers and washes – creating a moody memory of the scene.