Isabel Picard

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  • Isabel Picard, Quebec.

  • Originally from Orleans Isle, this professional artist now lives and creates on the South Shore of Quebec City. Isabel Picard completed her Design studies in 1994, then spent nearly fifteen years working in applied arts. She was in turn a carpenter, faux-finish painter and project manager in the commercial, theatrical and museological fields. Her journey eventually lead her to spend more time with her family, and only in 2008 did she finally surrender to the call of creation. She is passionate about texture, color and light, and her artwork is discovered as much through the sense of touch. "Making Art accessible" is a priority. Isabel transposes rhythm and flow, leaving room for improvised gestures. Subsequently, she works to do justice to each plot edge, ridge, hollow or furrow, striving to create unity, harmony and perfect balance between depth and surface. Her production is evolving rapidly, claiming style mastery in the execution of her artwork. Her contemporary style and unique technique stand out through abundant and pronounced reliefs as well as the medium chosen: gouache.

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