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  • Bill Gimby, St Margaret's Bay.

  • Bill Gimby started working with stone during the restoration of the 100-year-old stone house “Cornerstone”. It is now the family home on the shores of St. Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia.

    The stone restoration evolved into furnishings, stone landscape and commission stonework. Bill has been self taught and following retirement progressed to stone lamps, vases, stonescapes, lanterns, wall art and centre pieces and into a thriving business.

    The inspiration and interest come from the surrounding shorelines, tumbled beach rock, driftwood, and the natural setting he lives in.

    The work is naturally formed colourful granite and limestone from Nova Scotia, layered colours of gneiss from Newfoundland, slate from Vermont and limestone and sandstone from New Brunswick. Combining these ocean sculpted stones with twisted driftwood to make striking home decor.

    Bill Gimby has for the past 20 years developed a reputation for unique and natural decorative and functional stonework. The work is shown in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The business has now grown to the point where Bill’s son Donald has joined to help fulfill demand.

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