Sarah Irwin

Ice Bucket


Sarah Irwin

Marble, Stainless Steel

14" x 9" x 9

Floe/Flow Artist Statement
I have never seen an iceberg. It is a gift to collaborate with Pat Lindley who has taken her experience and created a window to the Arctic for those of us who will never stand there. While cutting shapes into stone (that may have been formed by ice), I thought about melt vs. dust, time, and how to turn one natural thing into the idea of another.

We know what we know, and believe what we see. Water begets ice and the flow of water melts ice. Hoping to mimic this beautiful notion, I didn’t expect that my work would become cynical or alarmist. I think it did. Pat’s works tell of vastness in juxtaposition to these sculptures which reduce monoliths into tabletop souvenir icons. I wonder if this is because I have never really seen an iceberg. Sarah Irwin 2023