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  • Tylor McNeil, British Columbia.

  • Tylor McNeil is an Atlantic Canadian artist living in the west. The fibre of who he is and where his art comes from is still deeply entrenched in his east coast values set in his upbringing.

    As a young child Tylor had much difficulty in school. When he and his sister were given oil painting sets on the same Christmas which she quickly grew bored of, he found his natural calling. He started off by taking over both art sets and over the next decades he grew and developed his talent. As he blossomed through art he was supported by his mother, various school teachers who let him express himself through art, and mainly his sister who, in their teens, would ride around on his motorcycle with him, holding paintings to help present his work to galleries for representation. His sister was and still is, one of his biggest supporters. Tylor’s father on the other hand was skeptical as he held old school male values which tied him to a belief of what men should be. This would become an overarching theme later on in Tylors works. Masculinity and struggles between generations and where males fit into society are continual themes originating from these early days. At one of Tylor’s first art shows his father realized his sons’ talent and seemed to finally understand and accept that it was okay to be different and to value Tylor’s talents as they were. Tylor's love of, and skill at oil painting grew through the years leading him to Mount Allison University in New Brunswick where he gained formal training and was happy to receive schooling with a very like minded group of people.

    After a couple years of university training Tylor felt he had gleaned what he wanted from school and set out to pave his own way. Tylor spent several years in British Columbia before moving to Cape Breton Island with his wife and child. There he really came into his own and blossomed as an artist creating more cohesive bodies of work. He might say it was the sea and salt air, but it was definitely a transition with the birth of his son that propelled him forward into a full time career. After multiple dabblings into a variety of styles and genres Tylor found great satisfaction and challenge as a nature and floral artist. Over the past four years he has, and continues to hone his craft and skill in this area. His proficiency has paid off in having multiple gallery showings in Nova Scotia, securing gallery representation, and a lucrative contract with Canada Post to name a few highlights. Through this experience Tylor was propelled into becoming a professional artist.

    In the past year and a half Tylor has returned to the very west coast of British Columbia on Vancouver Island where he has a private studio and continues to create and grow his talents in florals as well as toying in plein air and natural landscapes.

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