Jacqueline Faye Miller

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  • Jacqueline Faye Miller, Saskatchewan

  • Born in small town Saskatchewan, Jacqueline has worked and lived in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Returning to Saskatchewan in the late 90’s and now living in Saskatoon.

    Jacqueline has worked diligently over the last 30 years developing her skills as an artist through self-teaching, university curriculums and various professional artist workshops. Jacqueline works out of her home based studio and as part of her creative process, and commitment to her craft, she makes it a daily habit to do something art related.

    Jacqueline is a disciplined painter, prolific, versatile and experimental with a preference for acrylics on canvas. She paints in series and collections to keep her passion and ambition fresh.

    Jacqueline’s distinctive style – strong confident brush strokes remaining loose, fluid and spontaneous, brings varied subjects to life with vibrant colors. Her muse might take her through, urban gardenscapes, becoming up close and personal with all the floral beauties, rural landscapes, to Northern lakes, through the city, up in the clouds or for the fun of it, painting whimsical portraiture.

    Inspiration also arrives in the form of medium she uses. Favorite past time is reaching for her oil pastels. As it turns out her representational, loose and impressionistic style is a perfect fit for this buttery medium.

    Whether impressionistic, expressive or abstract, a confident brush stroke, the swipe of a crayon or intricate pencil helps build personality into every one of her works, whether still life, whimsical portrait or landscape. These are the tools she creates with.

    Jacqueline has received awards over the years and has been published in a number of magazines. Her paintings are represented in private, public and corporate collections throughout Canada. Recent highlights – Saskatchewan Arts Board purchase.

    Her favorite quote from a patron: “Everybody sings in a different Color”

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