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  • Boma Nnaji, Nova Scotia.

  •  Boma was born in the coastal city of Lagos in West Africa in the 80’s. At a very young age he took to drawing even before writing. During his early years Boma was quickly drawn to the art of comic books which he spent time creating many volumes of his own superhero adventures. In later years during the 90’s Hip-Hop cultural explosion he became fascinated with graffiti arts being the visual element of the music of the time. Further interest was cultivated in arts during his under graduate art and design courses while studying Architecture.

     After completing his degree in Architecture, Boma delved more into his artistic pursuit by studying classical and contemporary art . He also developed himself over the years through online courses and constant practice to create his unique style.

     The vibrant paintings, that Boma creates are heavily influenced by his tropical heritage infused with a passion for graffiti art. Boma cherishes this connection between a traditional African colour palette and modern street art. He feels that the artistic exchange between these art forms creates a refreshing and brand-new take on conventional subjects.

     Boma is inspired by everyday subjects such as faces and places. Being an avid traveler, he is passionate about recording the subjects of his travels which include interesting faces and Architecture.

     As a lover of human culture, Boma believes that each unique culture, acts as a window into society and he always finds beauty in it. For this reason, he seeks out new communities to inspire him. Over the years Boma has kept a journal where he documents various communities in Africa, Europe and North America through sketches. Eventually each sketch becomes an inspiration for a finished painting.

     With successful exhibitions in his home country and Canada, Boma is a seasoned professional artist. Additionally, he illustrated the art for the best-selling collection of short stories entitled “Fist full of Tales” by Ayodele Arigbabu. Recently, his art was featured in the 2021 summer edition of Chatelaine Magazine and he was also a featured guest in an episode of the Black-out podcast.

     As an Artist, Boma’s mission is to express the beauty of humanity and human achievement through his paintings.

     Boma lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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