Sharon Fox Cranston

There is a Crack, That's How the Light Gets In


Sharon Fox Cranston

Oil and Cold Wax

24" X 24"


Painting gives Sharon Fox Cranston’s visual perception of the world a voice. Each work
is a visual record of her life, where she’s been, what she’s seen, and how she’s tries to
express that moment to others. For over thirty years, Sharon has been a multi
disciplinary artist who has gained extensive experience painting with acrylic, oil and soft pastel. She is a signature member of the Society of Canadian Artists, the Pastel Society of America, and a Master Pastelist in the Pastel Society of Canada.

Sharon’s early work was illustrative in nature, which enabled her to develop a solid understanding of drawing and composition. Currently, she paints in an impressionistic style; her work retains the integrity of “the place” while still being loose enough in application to challenge the viewer to interpret the work for themselves. A Colourist at heart, she enjoys pushing colour and light to evoke an emotional response. A full time artist and gallery owner for over fourteen years, Sharon, an award winning artist and self published author currently lives in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I enjoy combining my artistic career with teaching, mentoring and running our gallery.